Awesome Snack

Snack Video is well-known for its large variety and diversity of its videos and content creators that resonate with more than 10 million users in total.

  • #Gebyar Lebaran Snack

    In order to celebrate Eid Al-Fitr, Snack Video held the"Gebyar Lebaran Snack" event from 23 May to 1 June. In this event, users are encouraged to write down what they want with the theme of “Achieve Your Dream”. And Snack video will choose some lucky users and achieve their dream.

  • #Panen Kemerdekaan

    On August 17th, Snack Video organized a "Panan Kemerdekaan" event, inviting users to celebrate Indonesia's Independence Day. In this activity, Snack Video collaborated with Kita Bisa and donated food to those in need.