Esty Wijayanti
 with millions of video views
Excellent commercialization case
Creator "Esty Wijayanti" shoots a challenge video for the game DracooMaster. Compared with the previous creator dance videos, a part of the plot is added in order to increase the fun. Friends are also invited to complete the challenge together.
This challenge video achieved the ideal publicity effect, gaining 18.1k impressions and more than 8,000 interactions.
Excellent short video case
In the dance video, the creator has a healthy and graceful figure, cute and elegant clothes, and lively dance moves, which fully demonstrates the beauty of nature and health, and conveys positive energy. As a result, 1.423 million views and 14.2k interactions (including 12.9k likes, 6,994 forwards, and 5,768 comments) were obtained.